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Holland Heights Nature-based School Classes Using Magiscopes

"Magiscopes for Nature Learning"

(Excerpts from Christy Conway's 2023  Fall HEF Grant)

Holland Heights Teacher Christy Conway received a fall HEF grant to purchase a classroom set of Magiscopes available to the entire student body at Heights. 

" One of the most exciting new developments at Holland Heights is that the whole school is nature-based. Learning takes place both inside and outside the classroom. While outside, students explore. They explore cracks in the sidewalks, sizes of leaves, and insects. Magiscopes are a portable microscope-like tool that we can take out into nature with us and use to observe and explore our surroundings.

Magiscopes provide students with the opportunity to broaden their observation skills. Observing and processing one's thoughts in writing in an important skill the the use of the Magiscope enhances. Each student in our school has a nature journal and uses it to document their observations. Students were asked to carefully observe an object from nature, then sketch that object in their nature journal. Students were amazed at how their objects looked under the Magiscopes."


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