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Students in Kirsten Oonk's Kindergarten class listening to books on CD

"Books on CD"

(Excerpts from Kirsten Oonk's 2015 grant request and evaluation)

Many of my students are English language learners and hear primarily another language spoken at home.  Having students have yet one more way to hear fluency, proper sentence structure and grammar, and correct pronunciation spoken is invaluable.  This also helps foster an interest in reading, understand that words have meaning, and help students begin the process of learning to read. Eventually, as students begin to grasp some basic fundamentals, I will have them respond to what they listen to, aiding in comprehension growth. 


My project is simple but so important! The 30 new books on CD are being used daily by my kindergarteners in their literary stations. They are thrilled to have new books/CD sets and it is wonderful to have been able to hand-select high interest, age-appropriate books.

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