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What is HEF?

The Holland Public Schools Educational Foundation is a non-profit, tax-exempt corporation, established in 1984 to provide community and business support for the children of Holland Public Schools. Funds raised are distributed through semi-annual grants to the teachers/staff of Holland Public Schools.

Who We Are

We are a dedicated group of community members, educators, and parents and grandparents of HPS students committed to making a positive difference in the lives and education of HPS students.

If you're interested in volunteering to help out with fundraisers/events, or in joining our board, please contact HEF.

What We Do

Each year, HEF makes it possible for Holland Public School teachers to go beyond conventional budgetary limitations by providing funds for the purchase of supplementary technology, and creative and innovative learning materials and experiences. Every HEF grant awarded must contribute directly to student motivation and learning.



Each year, HEF raises funds through twice-yearly letter campaigns. We also occasionally sponsor fundraising events - please check here for the latest details.


Donations to HEF are tax deductible. If your company has a matching-funds program, please enclose paperwork and double your support. You may also make your donation to the Holland/Zeeland Community Foundation, earmarked to the HEF Endowment or Founding Fund.




Grant Spotlight
"VR Headsets Provide Immersive Experiences"

Holland Middle School Teacher Bill Boerman received a summer HEF initiative grant to purchase a classroom set of virtual reality headsets. He received additional headsets through a matching grant from Verizon...


"Graphic Novels for Our Classroom Library"

Graphic novels are becoming increasingly popular with teens; the colorful illustrations and interesting topics make them high ­interest books in my classroom. Additionally, graphic novels are especially enticing to students ...


"Books on CD"

Many of my students are English language learners and hear primarily another language spoken at home.  Having students have yet one more way to hear fluency...



       The purchase of the Sensory Room materials has made a significant impact in our students with special needs. When implemented, these activites help the children stay calm, focused, and ready to learn!


       This year, the Intro to Robotics class bas been blessed to receive two grants from HEF for the purchase of a classroom set of VEX Robotics. Because of HEF, all students are now able to work with state of the art equipment on a daily basis. I am very grateful to the community and the HEF for providing the funds to make this possible. 


       One thing that made this project worthwhile was seeing my juniors and seniors, many of whom haven't finished a book during high school, read a number of books this year.


     My project was simple but so important! The 30 new books on CD are being used daily by my kindergarteners in their literary stations. They are thrilled to have new books/CD sets and it is wonderful to have been able to hand-select high interest, age-appropriate books.


— Ann Exo-Thompson, East K-7



— Glenn DeRitter, Holland High School


— Allison DeYoung, Holland Early College

— Kirsten Oonk, Holland Heights


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